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How do I dispose of unwanted body lotions, shampoo and conditioners?


  1. The Voice of Reason says:

    Pour them down the sink, they will have minimal effects on surface water. Or, you can dilute them with water, and pour them on your lawn where they will act as a mild fertilizer.

  2. Dr Jello says:

    Toss them into the sink and they go to the treatment plant where the product degrades.

    Drain, garbage, it doesn’t matter.

  3. irish_matt1971 says:

    put in bag and throw away

  4. Answer is Mine... says:

    Lotions and shampoo’s are biodegradable and are meant to "go down the drain" with minimal concern to the envoronment. I would suggest emptyingthe contents down the drain, or into the toilet where they then go to your municipal waste-water treatment plant. Be certain to recycle the containers!

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